About Us

We love small businesses! We enjoy helping them succeed and grow. That is our mission and our mantra.

We have been helping small businesses grow their businesses throughout the past 10 years. We’re now taking that expertise and helping merchants attract and retain customers through Optyn. We are passionate and serious about building the easiest email marketing product for busy small business owners. We are a team of email marketing experts that will put you on the path to success.

Meet the Email Marketing Experts

Alen Malkoc
Alen Malkoc
Co-Founder / CEO

Alen lives and breathes small business marketing and he is a true email marketing expert. Prior to Optyn, Alen built and sold Dealster, Chitown Deals, and other smaller businesses such as Dana Cafe and the Chicago Street Cup. He's an avid chess player, an All-American, and a 2x National Champion in Soccer.

Lou Morales
Lou Morales
Co-Founder / COO

Lou Morales started and ran businesses for GE, First Data, and other Fortune 500 companies. In fact, every time you use that debit card in your wallet, it is most likely processed by the First Data business unit Lou helped start. Lou also co-founded and exited Dealster with Alen.

Gaurav Gaglani
Gaurav Gaglani
Co-Founder / CTO

Gaurav is an experienced Ruby on Rails developer. He earned his Masters in Software Engineering from DePaul University in Chicago. He has experience building scalable products. He co-founded Idyllic Software and built and managed a team of 30 developers.

Our Philosophy about building Marketing Products

We have a different philosophy when it comes to fusing together marketing and technology to create marketing tools. More importantly, it's important for us to understand why we are building these products and who we are building them for. Today, our goal is to create a marketing platform that enables small business owners to take advantage of it and grow their business.

The biggest differentiator between us and our competitors is our philosophy. Our competition focuses on building marketing products for the marketer, the expert, and the one who already has that skill set and can use it as an example. We are building our product with one thing in mind - the small business owner who doesn't have the marketing expertise, the one who is not as tech savvy as others, and the one who is overwhelmed with the online marketing opportunities.

By keeping this in mind, we are able to build a product catered to that specific person. We want you to be successful too and that's why we are building this product the way we are.